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RN Bridge Program Qualifications

Rue Education has helped nearly 100,000 motivated adults earn credits toward their nursing degrees. They can help you too.

If you are licensed in any of the following, you not only qualify for the online RN bridge program, but you also qualify for guaranteed financing with no credit check.

  • LPN - Licensed Practical Nurse
  • LVN - Licensed Vocational Nurse
  • Paramedic

If you are looking for help every step of the way, you are in the right place. Rue Education gives you the tools, motivation, and support you need to succeed.

Benefits of the online RN bridge program

  • Work your courses around your schedule
  • Earn your degree from an accredited college
  • Online learning systems with tutoring and Advisors
  • Tools, motivation, and support you need to succeed
  • Grants and Low Monthly Payments
  • Two guarantees make success the only option

Reach your RN dream with the assistance of Rue’s team of tutors, Academic Advisors, and Excelsior alumni who help you earn credit toward your degree.


Get started earning your Associate degree in nursing online today!

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Before you leave, be sure to check out what our clients are saying ...

"The educational materials that Rue offers are just wonderful in keeping you focused on what you need to do next and keeping you organized. Without that I could have never finished the program. It was so easy for me. It was easy because Rue has spent so much time and effort getting the materials and the organization set." 
~ Terri Smithwick RN

"I am in the tutor led online program. I like having deadlines and I like having someone I can email and get answers to my questions. It keeps me at a very nice pace. The tutor led classes have helped me prepare for my exams. I was nervous about my microbiology exam, but I got an A!"
~ Joanna Halun LPN

"I love the Rue program. I can’t say enough about it because I have 6 children and was working full time. I needed something that was concise, but to the point. I felt that the Rue program gave me the concise, but important knowledge that I needed to be a nurse that had a lot of confidence."
~ Charlotte Stone RN

"I think the Rue study system has prepared me really well for the exams. They basically walk you through each chapter, or each section, that you need to study so that when you go in there, you’re ready to sit and take the exam. The exams are three hours, and in less then an hour, I was done taking the exam."
~ Michael Beilfuss Paramedic

"What I liked most about the study guides were the practice exams at the end, and they all offered a final exam at the end. Those were very helpful to go back and check that you were understanding the information correctly. "The reason I chose Rue was the convenience. I could go to school at the same time I was also pursuing my career in nursing, and was enjoying my family and my activities, and wanted to continue to do that while I went to school. The Rue materials were excellent in helping me prepare for my exams. I easily aced every single exam that I took."
~ Ann Bresson RN

"Rue prepared me exceptionally well for the exams and felt that I had a thorough understanding. What I liked most about the study guides were the practice exams at the end, and they all offered a final exam at the end. Those were very helpful to go back and check that you were understanding the information correctly."
~ Stacie Clark LVN

"By going from an LPN to an RN I found that more job opportunities opened up. A lot of places do require you to have your RN and the money difference is incredible. The Rue material that is provided greatly helps prepare you for the tests. As far as how long to study to take a test is up to the individual. They can go as fast, or as slow, as they want, and for me, it was a month per course."
~ Valerie Curran RN 

"I am glad to have chosen Rue and to be working on this nursing degree for a couple of reasons: it gives you a feeling of control, a feeling of growth and progress – I’m very happy to be doing this. Just the fact that I’m doing it feels good."
~ Dennis Gaudet Respiratory Therapist

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